Blue Moon - The ultimate cleaning liquid for your vinyls

The ultimate cleaning liquid for your vinyls
Alcohol free - Non flammable - Non toxic

Blue Moon helps phono cartridges to achieve the optimum contact with grooves of records and to reveal all the printed information with higher accuracy and increased clarity.

It is a refreshing cleaning liquid for all vinyl records, based on an advanced alcohol free formula that contains non-toxic and non-flammable ingredients. Thanks to the ultra-thin molecular structure, it penetrates effectively into the vinyl grooves and regardless the depth and the intensity of the print. It efficiently cleans and regenerates the surface revealing a smoother, richer tonal balance and an increased dynamic range.

A gentle treatment that effectively removes static, restores vinyl shine, eliminates noises caused to dust and reduces moisture. It dries completely after treatment, without leaving any thin-wall layer on vinyl surface.

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